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Animals' Home - Saving Pets One at a Time Inc, the Morgan County Humane Society
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Highlighted Dogs:
Dude Dude
Dude was a happy boy when his family lived in the country but he had trouble with the transition when they moved to town. So now he's fostering on a farm and looking for more about Dude
Lady Lady
Lady is 3 years old and 60 pounds, retriever/shepherd/hound. Good with all people, loves children. She's the perfect relax-on-the-couch dog. Not good on the leash, but more about Lady
Lucinda Lucinda
Sweet dog, loves attention, would be happy to live in your house with daily walks or a yard to run in. House and crate trained, beautiful soft coat and long ears. Age about 6 more about Lucinda
Sage Sage
Sage  is a dear boy who is in rescue because a person in the house where he was raised developed allergies. He is 5 years old, has a beautiful fluffy tail, is house and more about Sage
Sheba Sheba
Nice size for a Walker, 47 pounds, about 6 years old, gentle and even tempered. She does follow a scent and she has a powerful bay, but that's what we love about hounds. more about Sheba

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