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Saving Pets One at a Time Inc, the Morgan County Humane Society

Saving Pets One at a Time is the non-profit humane society of Morgan County, Ohio. 


We help our community's needy animals as effectively as possible through our core efforts.

  1. Finding permanent and loving homes for unwanted pets

    We provide foster homes to animals, and find permanent adopted homes for them. Working with Morgan County's dog warden S.P.O.T. places into foster homes many stray dogs that are picked up after the pound's 72-hour waiting period. We have 60 to 80 animals in our care at any time. Our dogs and cats are checked by a vet, receive all vaccinations, are spayed or neutered and fostered by generous homes until they are adopted. We place our animals in permanent homes all over the country through our listings on and We also get quite a few adopted locally through word of mouth, flyers, and active participation in adoption events.

    S.P.O.T. has found new homes for over 2400 happy dogs!
  2. Promoting Spay/Neuter

    Spaying and neutering pets is the key to controlling the problem of unwanted animals. S.P.O.T. gives financial aid to several households per month to get their pet spayed or neutered. S.P.O.T. also sponsors the Rascal Unit mobile spay-neuter clinic to come to Morgan County every other month. S.P.O.T. also promotes responsible pet ownership in schools, at the county fair, and in the annual Mutt Strutt.

    ​S.P.O.T. has helped over 5000 animals be spayed or neutered!

Susan Kate Kelly


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