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Jersey is an English Redtick hound with a beautiful light red and white coat, happy smile, very long ears, and one eye blue, one eye brown. She is gentle, fairly quiet, and more about Jersey
Darwin is a formerly shy fellow who has decided he likes to make friends now. He totally adores other dogs and is okay with cats.  He will be slow with strange people, but more about Darwin
Buttons was found abandoned on a country road. He was born in April and weighs 7 pounds, and will be a large fellow. He is incredibly friendly. His coat is black and white, with a more about Buttons
Pal weighs 42 pounds and s a year old. He is friendly and good-hearted, with a ton of energy. He needs long walks or a yard to play in. He loves all people and lots of toys. He is more about Pal
Nutmeg is a sweet little thing, 26 pounds and 1 year old. She loves all dogs and people, and she wags all over when someone comes to meet her. Crate, house, and leash trained, more about Nutmeg

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